Dịch vụ sửa chữa và cho thuê máy photocopy

Cho thuê máy photocopy Ricoh
Nguyễn Phan chuyên cho thuê máy Ricoh


You do not need and invest a large amount of money to equip a copier for office, company … but still can own a copier of modern technology with the latest technology with good quality, for work? We have Nguyen Phan company here to bring photocopy service for you.

We are confident to be a cheap copier rental address that still satisfies customers with quality photocopiers:

– Form, model, beautiful, diverse for you comfortable choice suitable for all office space, company.

– Silent design is not affected by noise when operating

– Design of standard emission reduction system does not cause ink nuisance to cause discomfort.

– Automatic drying system without jamming.

– For sharp, quality prints.

Coming to Nguyen Phan ‘s photocopying service, customers do not need to spend too much money on equipment, and we guarantee the following:

– Do not spend much on manpower management, limited warranty costs, repair machines.

– It’s not that much about toner and replacement parts (we’ll do all that).

– Copiers are genuine, new and high quality capture.

– User friendly guide and free technical transfer to customers through experienced, enthusiastic, enthusiastic staff.

– When there are any technical problems, our staff will assist to your work without interruption takes time.

– Receive the machine in accordance with the contract, agreement.

– Use the machine for the purpose, the purpose of the machine when rent (Get specific advice)

Nguyen PhanRentals Cheap professional copiers , quality, professional service, with delivery, user manual, installation and management of a completely free way. Policy when renting to us is very clear, to ensure the interests of both sides, but mainly to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and always put the interests of customers to target to serve. Whether any service does Nguyen Phan also will always have the same dedicated to ensuring a system the most reliable service and not to any particular customer to complain.


Website: www.chuyenmayvanphong.com

Email: nguyenphanservice2015@gmail.com

Phone: 028.36203010 – 0918 36 44 66


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